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I'm Michele Johnson, MHS PA-C

The Stress Strategist - Identify Root Cause Stressors in Your Team, Reverse Burnout, Repair Stress Damage

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77% of doctor's visits are due to stress-related and stress-exacerbated illness.

Burnout and Overwhelm leads to mistakes, poor performance, absenteeism and HIGH insurance claims costs....

There are SOLUTIONS 

Solutions We Create 

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Skill Training Workshops

  • Virtual & Live Group Mindfulness Training

  • Empowering Self Care Tools

  • Team Bonding Experiential Learning 

  • Role Play, Fun Stress Release, Lasting impact and Action Plan

  • Customized Days, Weekly or Longterm cocreated plans

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Productive Speaking

  • Motivate, Stir to Action, Facilitate Change

  • Keynote & Breakout Sessions that Produce Measurable Results 

  • Engaging Experiential Learning Through Compelling Timely Topics - Stress Resilience, Work/Life Harmony, Creating Effective Leaders, Communication through Exceptional Listening, Stress Strategies that Shift Your Organization through culture and PEOPLE Care 

Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Team Self Development

  • Group Stress Resilience Coaching

  • Enhance communication, cohesive teamwork and revitalize company culture with skills based, practical coaching

  • Flexible and innovative VIP Days or monthly coaching containers 


Work - Life Retreats

  • Quarterly Meeting Virtual or LIVE Retreats

  • Create Team Culture bonds that add revenue, engagement and empowered loyalty to your organization

  • Experience whole mind, body and connected shared transformation with your team. Receive enhanced resilience in every area (mental, social and physical wellbeing) for your team